21XL Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridge Set #2 3 Ink Cartridges SETHP21B


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Set contains the following Premium Generic Cartridges : 2 X HP21XL Black, 1 X HP22XL Colour Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges

OEM CArtrdieg Code: C9531 #21XL, C9352CA #22

Printer Compatability: Deskjet 3920, Deskjet 3940, Deskjet D1360, Deskjet D1460, Deskjet D1520, Deskjet D1560, Deskjet D2360, Deskjet D2460, Deskjet F2100, Deskjet F2120, Deskjet F2179, Deskjet F2180, Deskjet F2235, Deskjet F2275, Deskjet F2280, Deskjet F340, Deskjet F350, Deskjet F370, Deskjet F380, Deskjet F4185, Officejet 4355, Officejet PSC1402, Officejet PSC1410

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